All children need a safe, friendly, fun place to be before and after school. Somewhere that feels right. First Baptist Daycare will provide school aged children with a warm, secure environment that balances fun, learning and the opportunity to be with friends. 

After being in school all day, children enjoy the opportunity to make their own decisions about what they do in our program. We will make a wide variety of activities available each day, including active group activities and quiet, individual choices. Each child can choose to participate in our teacher directed activities, or choose one of the many other activities we have available each day. Our program is child-directed but always teacher supported. Whatever kids choose to do, we will help them do it. 

First Baptist Daycare will provide reliable transportation to and from all AISD elementary schools, including Intermediate. When local schools do close, we welcome our students for a full day of fun, games, and hands on educational activities (with the exception of the Holidays listed in our Parent Handbook)

 School aged children vary widely in their developmental needs and goals, and our staff is trained to recognize what is important for each age group and each individual child. We seek to offer an environment in which children can feel safe and comfortable and have fun with their friends. We want to tap their creativity and strengths and allow them to excel in whatever areas they enjoy. We will focus on positive values and a feeling of community within our environment so that every child feels included, respected, and comfortable enough to be themselves. Come see for yourself what a quality school-age program can be! Some of the activities that will be available daily include:

  • Breakfast before van leaves at 7:10
  • An after-school snack
  • Outdoor activities 
  • Activities that help kids make new friends
  • Help with homework
  • Arts and crafts projects
  • Books and music
  • Block Play
  • Science and nature activities
  • Math and language games and activities
  • Self esteem building activities, including learning about different cultures